"These guys have taken almost every influence under the sun and compiled it into one. Fractured Spine from what we here have a heavy influence which derives from the Industrial/Experimental music genre, with a huge grasp on their death, speed, and metal roots.This is one group of which I cannot name one band that they remind me of, they simply stand out as their own."

- WoodBangers LLC Network


Experimental, atmospheric, melodic. Although many death/doom metal elements are present in most songs, it would be difficult to categorize Fractured Spine strictly in that genre.


Starting out as a one man instrumental project, few songs were released to the public until 2012, with one notable exception being the very limited edition demo "Frost" in 2008. The band still draws its main influences from outside the metal genre.


The line-up consists of two core members Antti (instruments, vocals) and Timo (vocals), with occasional visits from session musicians and guest vocalists.

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